Fido & Fifi is based out of Guelph Ont Canada, and is run by myself, Laura. After working in pet retail for more than 15 years, I realized that pet owners wanted something more than the typical strap or leather collars. Whenever I asked people what they wanted, they usually said - pearls or crystals - something different that not everyone else's dog had. After leaving the industry, I started Fido & Fifi to bring those styles to the public.

The bakery part of Fido & Fifi started as a bit of a joke - just something to put on my table at the market for people to buy as they looked at the collars. The first batch sold out, so another was made, and another and so on. Now I have a full line of cookies, dehydrated meats, and candies for you to spoil your pets with.


Fido & Fifi's products are available in stores throughout Ontario.