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the Butcher Shop
All of our dehydrated meat is sourced from the Guelph Ontario area. We work
closely with local farms and butchers to bring your pet only the highest quality, human grade meat they deserve. All of our meat is at least half the price of the pet stores
- local and affordable, what more can your pet ask for?
Chicken Jerky
Made with only the highest quality, farm raised, grain fed chicken breast, from a farm outside of Guelph. Dehydrated to a chewy goodness, this is different than the airy freeze dried treats you get at the pet store. Sliced thick to make them chewy, they are a great substitute to rawhide. No preservatives or additives. 
Chicken Hearts
Chicken hearts are a low calorie protein, a high in iron and zinc treat that will have your dog wagging it's tail for more. Our hearts come from a local farm that supplies our chicken breast. Organic and grain fed is only good enough for our treats.
Our hearts are at least 2/3 off the price of the treats you will find in your local pet store.
$8 + $14
Chicken Liver
Containing all nine of the essential amino acids, and high in iron and B vitamins, our livers are little chips of chicken goodness. Crisp enough to break into small pieces, they are great as training treats. We recommend them for dogs that have problems
chewing - they are crisp enough to break into very small pieces, but turn soft quickly
when eaten.
$7 + $12
Liver Dinner
Made with the same locally grown beef liver, our liver dinner has the added treat of peas and carrots. It is also not as hard as our regular liver treats, making it the treat of choice for dogs that don't want a hard crunchy treat. As with all of our dehydrated treats, there are no added preservatives.
Ingredients: Ontario organic beef liver, organic green peas, organic carrots, chick pea flour
 $7 + $12
Liver Bites
Crunchy, and small enough to be the perfect training treat, Fido & Fifi's Liver Bites are made from the best locally raised beef liver. Dehydrated with no preservatives, they are a healthy snack for your furry friend. Unlike the freeze dried treats at the store, these have great crunchy texture your pup will go crazy for.
$7 + $12  + $20
Beef Heart
A little less crunchy than our liver dinner, these are small bites of high protein meat. Taken from the same locally raised beef as all our beef treats, they give a healthy alternative to liver.
$7 + $12  
Caught off the coast of PEI, Canada, Smelts are a great treat you can give your pup that is full Omega 3 & 6 fish oils. Dehydrated with nothing added, these are a great snack. Being brittle, they are a great treat for dogs that have problem chewing.
Like all of our treats, they are at least half the price of the treats you will find in your local pet store.
$6 + $12