Decorated Xmas Cookies 
Christmas stock will be available starting mid October, and will be available mid December or until stock runs out. For very large amounts of certain items, please email as soon as possible.
Merry Woofmas
Ho Ho Woof
Santa Paws/Claws
Jingle Paws/Claws
Happy Howldays
'Woof' Stocking
Candy Cane
1.25 each small
1.75 each large
xmas individual shape.jpg
xmas individual happy howldays.jpg
xmas individual ho ho woof.jpg
xmas individual merry woofmas.jpg
xmas individal jingle paws.jpg
xmas individual santa claws.jpg
All Cookies are wrapped at no extra cost for the holidays, and include a ribbon and ingredient list on back. If you don't want them packaged, please send us an email
Clamshell Packaging
includes ingredient list on back
Small Package:                                                       Large Package
1 cookie -  $1.75                                                       1 cookie - $2.60
2 cookies -  $2.95                                                    2 cookies - $4.25
1 cookie and small bits - $2.95                             1 cookie and small bits -$4.25
small bits  - $2   
Add candies to gift packs - .55 each. Email required amount                                                      
xmas pack 1.jpg
xmas pack 2.jpg
xmas pack 4.jpg
xmas pack 3.jpg
pb cups.jpg
Peanut Butter 'Pup' Cups
 Each - .55
10% off with purchase of 12 or more.
pb cup pack.jpg
Peanut Butter 'Pup' Cups
5 Packaged Container
$3.25 each
 Each - .55
10% off with purchase of 12 or more.
pb and truffle pack.jpg
Peanut Butter 'Pup' Cups
and Tr'ruff'les
5 Packaged Container
$3.25 each