Blueberry & Flax
Don't you wish your cookies were as healthy as these? Organic blueberries are matched with ground flax seeds, and organic coconut oil. Blueberries have antioxidents and fiber, flax seeds are great for the skin and coat, and coconut oil can aid in digestion and improve the skin and coat.
Ingredients - Whole wheat flour, ground flax seeds, organic blueberries, organic coconut oil, baking powder
Individual Cookie - $1.25
Small Bag - $6
Large Bag - $8
Peanut Butter & Banana 
The number one favorite, we use only natural, freshly ground peanuts to make these crunchy
treats. If you're not sure which one to try, this is the first recommendation.
Ingredients - Whole wheat flour, organic bananas, organic peanut butter, baking powder
Individual Cookie - $1.25 each
Small Bag - $6
Large Bag - $8
Big Bites for Big Dogs - $12
Breath Busters 
These are like breath mints for dogs - and most of the dogs we know could definitely use them. Mint and parsley work to make your dogs breath nice and fresh.
Ingredients - Whole wheat flour, organic parsley, peppermint oil, baking powder
Individual Cookie - $1.25 each
Small Bag - $6
Large Bag $8
Carrot & Apple 
Dogs love veggies. These carrot treats are no exception, and apples add a
sweet flavor that will have Fido begging for more.
Ingredients - Whole wheat flour, organic unsweetend apple sauce, organic carrots, coconut oil, baking powder
Individual Cookie - $1.25
Small Bag - $6
Large Bag $8
Pumpkin & Carob 
Our popular wheat free, grain free treat for pups that have dietary special needs.
Using coconut oil, these treats are great for dogs with skin issues.
Ingredients - Organic chick pea flour, organic coconut flour, organic coconut oil, carob chips, buckwheat flour*
Individual Cookie - $1.25
Small Bag - $6
Large Bag - $8
*buckwheat flour is a seed, related to millet
Our decorated cookies are made with our most popular Peanut Butter & Banana cookie and topped with our own yogurt icing.
Ingredients - Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Natural Peanut Butter, Organic Bananas.
 Icing - Balkan style plain yogurt, tapicoa flour, meringue powder, dextrose
Sourced from farms local to the Guelph Ontario area,
Water Buffalo Liver is lower in fat and higher in
protein than Beef Liver. It is great for dogs that need
an alternative protein, and
raw feeders looking for a unique and tasty snack.
Ingredients: Ontario raised Water Buffalo Liver
$9 + $14
Sourced from farms local to the Guelph Ontario area,
Water Buffalo Heart is higher in protein that most meats, and
lower in fat. Dried without preservatives for a crunchy snack,
it is perfect for the raw feeder as a training treat, or just because
Ingredients: Ontario raised Water Buffalo Heart
$9 + $14
Water Buffalo Liver
Water Buffalo Heart
Chicken Hearts
Chicken hearts are a low calorie protein, a high in iron and zinc treat that will have
your dog wagging it's tail for more. Our hearts come from a local farm that supplies
our chicken breast. Organic and grain fed is only good enough for our treats.
Our hearts are at least 2/3 off the price of the treats you will find in your
local pet store.
$7 + $12
Liver Bites
Crunchy, and small enough to be the perfect training treat,
Fido & Fifi's Liver Bites are made from the best locally raised
beef liver. Dehydrated with no preservatives, they are a healthy
snack for your furry friend. Unlike the freeze dried treats at the
store, these have great crunchy texture your pup will go crazy for.
$7 + $12  + $20
Beef Heart
A little less crunchy than our liver dinner, these are small bites of high protein meat.
Taken from the same locally raised beef as all our beef treats, they give a healthy
alternative to liver.
$7 + $12  
Liver Dinner
Made with the same locally grown beef liver, our liver dinner
has the added treat of peas and carrots. It is also not as hard
as our regular liver treats, making it the treat of choice for dogs
that don't want a hard crunchy treat. As with all of our
dehydrated treats, there are no added preservatives.
Ingredients: Ontario organic beef liver, organic green peas,
organic carrots, chick pea flour
$7 + $12
Caught off the coast of PEI, Canada, Smelts are a great treat you can give your
pup that is full Omega 3 & 6 fish oils. Dehydrated with nothing added, these are
a great snack. Being brittle, they are a great treat for dogs that have problem chewing.
Like all of our treats, they are at least half the price of the treats you will find
in your local pet store. **Now bigger pieces and more per bag!!**
$6 + $12
Chicken Strips
Made with only the highest quality, farm raised, grain
fed chicken breast, it is then dehydrated to a chewy
goodness - this is different than the airy freeze dried treats you get
at the pet store. Sliced thick to make them chewy, they are a great
substitute to rawhide. No preservatives or additives. 
All of Fido & Fifi's meat treats are made with people quality ingredients and are from the local area
Carob and Peanut Butter Pup Cups
Carob & Yogurt Paws
Creamy Carob is paired with all natural peanut butter for a
treat that tastes just like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - but
for your dog!
Carob is a dog friendly alternative to chocolate.
Ingredients: Carob, All Natural Peanut Butter, F&F Yogurt Icing
$1.25 Each
Peppermint Green Paws - Carob, Peppermint Flavor, Yogurt
White Coconut/Yogurt Paws - Carob, Unsweetened Coconut, Yogurt
$1.25 each
Great Gifts for the pet lover in your life
$10 each or 2/$18